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The Ultimate Guide
to Ad Specialty Sales

Discover how the industry's most successful promotional product distributors are driving sales and profits in today's competitive marketplace.

The Ultimate Guide to Ad Specialty Sales is the go to resource for anyone selling proomotional products. From prospecting to closing, this powerful book includes everything you need to grow your sales and earnings, plus, you'll learn how to cash in on the most lucrative promotional product markets.

  • How to sell to direct mail marketers
  • How to sell to the educational market
  • How to sell to trade show exhibitors
  • How to sell self-liquidating promotional campaigns

How to sell promotional products
Nobody is interested in having their company logo, message or graphics printed on a coffee mug, pen or any other promotional product.

  • The brand manager that spends $30,000 each year on imprinted tote bags is not interested in tote bags. He's interested in gaining market share, branding and increasing sales and if he discovered a more effective way to reach his marketing goals he would immediately stop ordering tote bags.
  • The real estate broker that spends thousands of dollars each year on calendars, notepads and imprinted pens is not interested in these products. She's interested in getting new listings and if she found a more effective way to get a listing she would immediately stop ordering these promotional products.
  • The business owner that just ordered 500 imprinted umbrellas, to hand out at an upcoming trade show, is not interested in umbrellas. He's interest in increasing traffic at his booth, generating sales and qualified leads.
  • The marketing director at an auto lube franchise that just ordered 4,000 imprinted snow scrapers, which his franchisees will give away with each oil change, is not interested in snow scrapers. He's interested in branding and increasing sales for his franchises.

No wonder many salespeople are struggling to sell promotional products; they're trying to sell tote bags, pens, notepads and snow scrapers to prospects that want sales, market share, leads and branding. So stop selling promotional products and start offering your prospect's what they really want; solutions to their business and marketing problems.

Includes everything you need to grow your sales and earnings
The Ultimate Guide to Ad Specialty Sales is an information packed program that provides field-tested solutions to your biggest sales challenges. Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn.

  • How to sell the prospect that is happy with his current supplier
  • Stop selling promotional products and start selling a campaign
  • Your prospects don't want to deal with a promotional product salesperson; discover what they're really looking for in a supplier
  • Why your fast delivery is costing you sales
  • Learn to justify the price and make any promotional product seem affordable
  • Discover the most effective way to deal with voice mail
  • Why you must stay away from purchasing agents
  • How to shorten the sales cycle
  • How to reach, hard to reach decision makers
  • Over 100 field-tested probing questions that identify sales opportunities
  • Never again be stopped by a gate-keeper that is screening calls
  • Discover the magic words that your prospects wants to hear
  • "Farming" the best kept secret of high income earners
  • Discover the secret to closing the appointment by phone
  • How to use the Tipping Point to work less and earn more
  • How to use ROI to differentiate your quote
  • Sure-fire responses that overcome all objections
  • How to instantly pique your prospects' interest and hold their attention
  • How to sell Ted, Jim and Pat, the only prospects you'll ever meet
  • How to turns a quote request into an order
  • How to use the SHUFFLE technique to eliminate price competition
  • What you must never do after mentioning the price
  • Close the prospect that says “I can get this same product for less”
  • Close the sale when the prospect says “We don’t have the budget”
  • How to sell the prospect that is interested in getting the lowest price
  • How to land the account without submitting a quoting
  • How to deal with a discount request
  • Close the sale when the prospect says "This product is too expensive"
  • How to land the account when the prospect shows you a lower quote
  • How to ensure that your closing question always results in an order
  • Why you must never ask for the order
  • How to read your prospect’s buying signals
  • Discover the best time to close; it's not when you think
  • How to test your prospect's buying readiness
  • Your prospect places the order by doing nothing; discover how
  • How to use Vertical marketing to position yourself as an industry expert
  • Increase your sales by selling to your prospect's hot button

Plus! How to overcome the stall and turn objections into sales
Selling would be easy if it were not for one unfortunate human trait – procrastination. If it were not for this barrier, all you would need to do is make a strong presentation that shows the prospect the benefits of ordering from you; follow your presentation with a closing question and the account would be yours. But most of us have already discovered that sales doesn't work that way, because irrespective of how great our presentation, more often than not, the prospect will try to delay the buying decision by raising an objection. You'll discover the powerful responses that top income earners use to overcome procrastination and close the sale.

  • What you must do before responding to an objection
  • How to instantly tell if the prospect's objection is true or false
  • How to eliminate common objections before they occur
  • How to motivate your prospect to order today
  • Close the prospect that says,
  • “I want to look at a few more quotes”
    “Let me think it over”
    “I want to shop around”
    “I want to talk to my partner first”

- What kind of results can I expect? -

Work less and earn more by avoiding common prospecting mistakes
Are you tired of hearing prospects say "I’m not interested, I'm happy with my supplier"? This response is the result of a common prospecting mistake and you'll learn how to eliminate this objection forever.

Prevent your prospects from shopping your quote
Most salespeople are quick to write a quote and most prospects have learned to take full advantage of this situation. But no matter how competitive our price we still hear "Thanks, I'll get back to you" and off they go in search of an even lower price. You'll discover a powerful quoting technique that top income earners use to prevent their prospects from comparing prices.

Eliminate price competition
You'll discover the field-test techniques that North America's top income earners are already using to get top dollar from price sensitive buyers and consistently land the account even when theirs is the highest quote.

Presentation secrets that make selling easy
You'll discover the powerful presentation techniques that top income earners rely on to make selling easy and you'll learn how to overcome common objections before they occur.

Prevent your prospects from stealing your new ideas
While offering your prospects new ideas that help them reach their marketing objective is the key to ad specialty sales success, all too often they simple take your new ideas back to their present supplier. You’ll discover a powerful technique that top income earners use to prevent their prospects from stealing their new ideas.

Up-selling made easy
You'll discover simple up-selling techniques that will add thousands of dollars to your income.

Motivate your prospects to change suppliers
When you are calling on a new prospect you're not competing on a level playing field. The field is heavily slanted in favor of the prospect's existing supplier because changing suppliers involves inconvenience and risk. You'll learn how top income earners avoid this common sales barrier.

Close the sale without asking the prospect to buy
Take the pressure out of closing. You'll discover a powerful technique that top income earners use to land the job without asking the prospect to buy.

Over 30 ready-to-use closing questions that make it easy for your prospects to buy
You'll discover the field-tested closing questions that North America's top income earners are already using to land more jobs.

Order your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Ad Specialty Sales today and put the skills that you'll learn in this, industry specific, program to the test for the next 60 days. If you don't notice a dramatic increase in sales simply return the book and we'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

Book, 250 pages - Regular price $49.95

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