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How to
Sell Large Format Printing
to Retail

Get your share of the multi-million dollar retail signage business

Retailers know that in today's competitive marketplace it takes more than great products to lure customers into their store. It requires an ongoing marketing campaign because it's usually the retailer with the loudest voice that attracts the most customers. And while the large, national chains have the budget to continuously run newspaper and radio ads that draw attention to their stores, few independent retailers have the financial clout to compete at this level, so independent retailers are desperately looking for cost effective, store level marketing ideas that will increase traffic and drive sales.

As a large format printer you are perfectly positioned to provide solutions to their marketing challenges and to help them grow their sales, because signage is an intricate and indispensable part of the retail business model. But it's not only the sheer volume of signage use that makes retail the perfect market for the large format printer, it's the fact that retail signage has a short life span. Retailers know that the only way to keep their customers coming back is by offering them something new, and that means regularly changing their signage.

Includes everything you need to cash in on the lucrative retail market
How to Sell Large Format Printing to Retail includes everything you need to grow your sales and profits. Ready-to-use prospecting scripts; probing questions that identify sales opportunities; responses that turn objections into sales; easy to use closing techniques; plus you'll learn how to gain a competitive edge by offering a complete retail marketing solution; a signage package that pulls the consumer into the store and then moves the consumer through the five retail zones. Here’s just a small sample of what you'll learn.

  • Everything you need to know about retail signage
  • How to use signage to increase walk in traffic
  • How to use retail zone strategies to sell more signs
  • How to use signage to bring back existing customers more often>
  • How to use signage to increase POP sales
  • How to design retail signs that sell
  • Talk the talk - retail terms you need to know
  • 70 promotional ideas that drive retail sales
  • How to sell to independent and franchised stores
  • How to instantly pique the store owner's interest
  • How to use voice mail to your advantage
  • How to turn a single sign order into a 12 month campaign
  • Why you must stop selling signs, banners and posters
  • 10 costly prospecting mistakes you must avoid
  • How to land the appointment when your prospect says;I'm not interested - Mail me the details - I'm happy with my printer - I have a friend in the business - Our advertising agency handles all our signage - Business is slow
  • Field-tested telephone scripts that make prospecting easy
  • How to eliminate procrastination and encourage the prospect to order today
  • Why you must not offer your prospect a choice of different signage>
  • A ready-to-use script that turns the first meeting into a resounding success
  • How to eliminate common objections
  • What you must always do before responding to an objection
  • How to instantly tell if an objection is true or false
  • 45 probing questions that identify retail sales opportunities
  • Sell at full price - learn how to elliminate price competition
  • Remote Closing - learn how to close the sale by phone
  • How to make the highest price sound affordable and easy to accept
  • Why you must always be the last to submit a quote
  • Up-selling techniques that really work
  • How to close the sale when your prospect says; I can get the same signs printed elsewhere for less - These signs are too expensive - These signs cost more than I thought - I can't afford anymore expenses - We always select the lowest price
  • How to measure your prospect's buying readiness
  • How to close the sale without asking the prospect to buy
  • Easy to use closing techniques that increase sales
  • How to close the prospect that says; I'm still waiting for another quote - I want to shop around before I decide - I need to talk to my partner first - Let me think it over and I'll get back to you - We've decided to hold off for a few months
  • Plus much, much more!

Order your copy of How to Sell Large Format Printing to Retail today and put the skills that you'll learn in this powerful new book to test for the next 60 days. If you don't notice a dramatic increase in sales simply return the book and we'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

Download Now. PDF File. Time: 132 pages. 3.94 MB - Only $29.95

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