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Secrets of the
Master Closer

Discover the time-tested closing techniques that North America’s most successful print salespeople are already using to land more jobs.

How much do you get paid for finding a new prospect?
How much do you earn for making a powerful presentation?
What do you receive for helping your prospects solve their printing problem?
How much of a bonus do you get for overcoming an objection?
How much do you get paid for writing a quote?

So far you haven’t earned a cent, because in print sales we don’t get paid for effort and activity, we only get paid for results. In fact selling is a complete waste of time, unless you follow through with the final, yet all important step and close the sale, because prospects don’t order from the individual that sold them – they buy from the account executive the closes them.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn.

How to close the sale without asking your prospect to buy
Take the pressure out of closing. You’ll discover a powerful technique that top income earners use to land the job without asking their prospect to buy.

How to overcome procrastination and encourage the prospect to order today
If you don’t give your prospect a reason to order today – they won’t and time quickly kills desire. You’ll discover how top income earners eliminate procrastination by creating a sense of urgency.

How to test the water before asking a closing question
Make closing easy by predicting your prospect’s response! You’ll discover a powerful question that measures buying readiness and tells you if the prospect is ready to order.

What to do if you’re lost for words
Have you ever been with a prospect who responded to your closing question with an objection and found yourself at a loss for words? You’ll discover a simple technique that forces your prospects to answer their own objection, while you sit back and listen.

Over 30 ready-to-use closing questions that make it easy for your prospects to buy
You’ll discover the field tested closing questions that North America's top income earners are already using to land more jobs.

Plus much, much more!

box Why a powerful presentation is not enough to land the job
box How to close the sale without asking for the order
box How to ensure that your closing question always results in an order
box Why closing is not a high pressure technique
box Closing consist of 2 different skill sets
box Closing questions that make it easy for the prospect to buy
box Why you must never ask for the order
box Why you must always close 3 times
box How to identify your prospect’s hidden concerns
box How to read your prospect’s buying signals
box How to turn your prospect’s questions into closing opportunities
box How to motivate your prospects to order now
box When providing new information can cost you the sale
box Why you must always assume that the prospect will order from you
box Why your fast delivery is costing you sales
box Learn to identify hidden closing opportunities
box What you must never do after closing
box Discover the best time to close – it’s not when you think
box How to test your prospect’s buying readiness
box How to use objections to close the sale
box The 9 closing rules that top income earners live by
box Using the Trial Close to measure your presentation’s effectiveness
box Using the Stall Close when your prospect is indecisive
box Dealing with the prospect that has decided not to order from you
box What you must do if you can’t close that sale at this time
box Your prospect places the order by doing nothing – discover how

Plus! How to overcome procrastination and turn objections into sales
Closing would be easy if it were not for one unfortunate human trait – procrastination. If it were not for this barrier, all you would need to do is make a strong presentation that shows the prospect the benefits of ordering from you; follow your presentation with a closing question and the job would be yours. But most of us have already discovered that sales just doesn’t work that way because irrespective of how great our presentation and how much the prospect likes our ideas and suggestions - more often then not, they’ll try to delay the buying decision by raising an objection. You’ll discover the powerful responses that top income earners use to overcome procrastination and close the sale.

What you must do before responding to an objection
box How to instantly tell if the prospect’s objection is true of false
box How to eliminate common objections before they occur
box How to motivate your prospect to order today
box Close the prospect that says “I want to look at a few more quotes”
box Close the prospect that says “Let me think it over”
box Close the prospect that says “I want to shop around”
box Close the prospect that says “I want to talk to my partner first”

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