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Ebner Seminars
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Discover how North America’s most successful print salespeople eliminate price competition and consistently land the job even when theirs is the highest quote.

The printing industry has changed. While great quality, outstanding service and timely delivery, at one time were valuable benefits that customers willing paid extra for, these are now expected. In their place price has become the primary point of differentiation and as a result printing has become a price sensitive commodity where RFP’s, reverse auctions and online tenders are common place. Getting top dollar in this competitive marketplace requires a strategic approach to quoting.

Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn.

How to eliminate price competition
You’ll discover the field-test techniques that North America’s top income earners are already using to get top dollar from price sensitive buyers and consistently land the job even when theirs is the highest quote.

Work less and earn more by avoiding common quoting mistakes
If you’re spending a lot of time writing quotes but getting few orders it’s not because your price is too high but rather because you’re making some simple quoting mistakes. You’ll learn how to increase your closing ratio by writing quotes that your prospects can’t refuse.

How to prevent your prospects from shopping your quote
Most salespeople are quick to write a quote and most prospects have learned to take full advantage of this situation. But no matter how competitive our price we still hear “Thanks, I’ll get back to you” and off they go in search of an even lower price. You’ll discover a powerful quoting technique that top income earners use to prevent their prospects from comparing quotes.

How to sell the prospect that’s only interested in getting the lowest price
You’ll learn how to break the price shopping cycle and land the job without writing a quote.

How to close by phone
Although you should always try to deliver your quote in person there are times when a face to face visit is impractical. But even so forwarding the quote is a costly mistake because once the prospect has your quote he feels that he has all the information he needs to make an informed buying decision so he no longer needs to talk to you. You’ll learn how to present a quote and close by phone.

Presentation secrets that make selling easy
You’ll discover the powerful presentation techniques that top income earners rely on to make selling easy and you’ll learn how to overcome common price objections before they occur.

How to prevent your prospects from stealing your new ideas
While offering your prospects new ideas that help them reach their business objective is the key to print sales success, all too often they simple take our new ideas back to their present supplier instead of giving us the job. You’ll discover a powerful technique that top income earners use to prevent their prospects from stealing their new ideas.

Up-selling made easy
You’ll discover simple up-selling techniques that will add thousands of dollars to your income.

How to motivate your prospects to change suppliers
When you are calling on a new prospect you’re not competing on a level playing field. The field is heavily slanted in favor of the prospect’s existing supplier because changing suppliers involves inconvenience and risk. You’ll learn how top income earners avoid this common sales barrier.

Plus much, much more!

  • How to out-sell the competition on every quote
  • Close the prospect that says, “I need 3 quotes before I decide”
  • A powerful technique that turns a quote request into an order
  • Use the PAPER SHUFFLE to eliminate price competition
  • What you must do if you cannot be competitive on a specific job
  • How to write quotes that your prospects can’t refuse
  • What you must never do after giving the price
  • Close the prospect that says “I can get this same job for less”
  • How to make any price seem affordable
  • How to get permission to change the specs
  • Close the sales when the prospect says “We don’t have the budget”
  • Instantly tell if the price objection is true or false
  • Benefits don’t sell – discover why
  • How to sell the prospect that is happy with his present supplier
  • Why offering the lowest quote will not land the job
  • Use Authoritative Selling to eliminate price competition
  • Why purchasing agents are not swayed by low price
  • Why you must stay away from print buyers
  • Discover the #1 reason for lost sales
  • How to stop selling printing and watch your income grow
  • Discover what your prospects are really looking for
  • Why showing your prospect how to improve the job is a mistake
  • The 6 keys to print sales success
  • How to instantly build trust and establish credibility
  • A powerful technique that holds the prospect’s attention
  • How to sell the prospect that is only interested in low price
  • How to land the job without quoting a price
  • How to deal with a discount request
  • The 10 quoting rules that top income earner’s live by
  • Close the sales when the prospect says “This job is too expensive”
  • How to land the job when the prospect shows you a lower quote
  • How to avoid common price objections

Plus! A crash course on Negotiating Skills
While your prospects may be interested in new ideas that will improve the job, once they decide on the job’s specs their buying decision is no longer swayed by features and benefits instead their decision becomes dominated by price. And when price dominates the prospect’s buying decision the salesperson’s role changes from seller to negotiator.

  • Why Win – Win is not a realistic negotiating goal
  • How to position yourself to win at the negotiating table
  • Why you must never accept the first counter offer
  • How to eliminate confrontation and build trust
  • The first person to lower the price loses – discover why
  • How to use the Mirroring technique to get top dollar
  • How top negotiators give a concession

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